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Maximum Ride The Final Warning

Max and her flock are at it again; saving the world- this time from big corporations that are contributing to global warming. Actually, the whole series has been leading to this point, but in this book, the arguments against global warming take shape and are presented without hesitation.

Yes. This book becomes a platform for James Patterson’s personal assault on global warming. Mind you, I am not for global warming, but the “in your face” arguments given by Max and her flock wore on me quickly.

I still love the action and adventure around every turn, but the social stance left me cold. No pun intended.

In support of this story, I enjoyed the new powers that our flock are developing and having fun discovering. Max’s sarcasm is also alive and well in this novel. That particular characteristic and the way she uses it when communicating directly with the reader is one of my favorite parts of the entire series.

I guess you could say, I appreciate a smart a$$.

This book follows the path of the series and provides new machines to fight and even brings in the elements of nature as real threats to the safety of our flock. Of course, with a clean and tidy resolution coming at the end of this book, readers have to be sure to read the epilogue – that’s how you know the action will continue.

Saving the world cannot be done in a boardroom. Max and her flock set off again for the next adventure. I’ll be sure to read along for the ride. Will you be with us?

| book reviews | January 09, 2013

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