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Maximum Ride- School’s Out Forever

What three words would make a young adult reader celebrate and cheer? “School’s Out Forever” Yes, I do believe those would make any middle school child jump for joy. They are, after all, a tad short sighted.

Of course, James Patterson knows this and capitalizes on the idea in an effort to draw young readers into the second book in his Maximum Ride series titled: School’s Out Forever. But there’s really no need to try so hard. If you read the first book, The Angel Experiment, you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t read that one, you need to pick it up and encourage a young reader to enjoy it with you.

As for this second book in the series, Patterson’s action packed story and short clipped style keep the pages turning again. At this juncture in the journey of discovery, we find our flock actually spending time attempting to fit in with their peers at a “normal” school. As you may imagine this doesn’t last long as our winged friends bring with them abnormal powers  and mysterious pasts, not to mention Erasers (I’m not talking about the ones  you need for your pencil. In this novel, the FBI even makes an appearance. These things tend to make blending in a difficult task.

The flock continues in this book to be a tightknit group; counting on each other as the only true family they have ever known. Even in the midst of finding one member’s parents- flock over rides. Oh, I’m not spoiling that surprise. You’ll have to read for yourself to find out whose parents are located.

The down side, the children who are so young continue to act with adult like ability to control emotions and reason wisely, but what’s a little fantasy in the middle of a fiction novel anyway; certainly not a deal breaker.

The action and adventure win again, not to mention a little more romantic energy in this one. That little bit of spice is sure to keep young adult readers intrigued- as if escaping the FBI won’t keep the pages turning.

I recommend this one for young adults and their parents. As an added bonus to this book, there are discussion questions in the back. I’m not saying you have to hold a formal book club, although that would be fun. I’m simply suggesting that since it is often difficult to talk to our young adults, sharing a cool book could be the key to a discussion without argument.

Enjoy and grab the whole series. I’m diving into book three, Saving the World and other Extreme Sports.

| book reviews | December 06, 2012

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