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Bonds of Blood and Spirit: Loyalities

Before reading Bonds of Blood and Spirit: Loyalties, by Wendi Kelly and Deborah Dorchak, I had no idea what a shape shifter was. Now, I’m up to speed and waiting for the next edition in the series. You’re not sure what I mean by shape shifter? Well, there’s only one solution to that problem- read this book!

You’ll be delighted. I surely was.

Bonds of Blood and Spirit: Loyalties is a book of connections; family, romantic, soul, spirit, self.  This is truly a work of fiction, but the delights, trials, heroics, and adventures of the characters call for the reader to take part in the journey of love and growth – of and between the players.

At first the shifting from human to animal forms that the characters undergo took me a minute to wrap my head around. But the authors took time to describe the process and educate me as to how this happens. The reader even gets to experience the fear of the newby going through his first shift; a great way to make this whole thing acceptable to the reader. Additionally, the background information and ties to real life provided by the authors helped me to quickly relax into the idea of shape shifting and come to expect it as a natural occurrence.

This story however, is about WAAAY more than shifting from human to animal. The love connections, both romantic and familial, are intense. This southern gal wasn’t quite prepared for the romance and found herself blushing a time or two. After all, I selected the book while looking for action/adventure. Does the “hot stuff” mean I was disappointed in my search for action/adventure? Heck no! This book was a page turner, complete with a twist that had my head reeling.

Let’s just say the authors of this one are not afraid to kill anybody!

Before I let any cats out of the bags- I’ll finish up with my recommendation: READ IT!

On my last line let me just question the authors: When is the sequel coming? I hear the cover has been designed and it’s close to press. Do tell!

| book reviews | April 28, 2012

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