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Do You Unintentionally Stir The Pot?

Specificity can be your friend. Wynn’s Wisdom.

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You Aren’t You When You’re Overwhelmed.

Your light can’t shine when you feel overwhelmed.

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Watch out for those mosquitoes

Think you are too small to make an impact? Think again! #SmallNugget #BigImpact

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Greatest Assets

Do you see the value of the human asset? Small Nugget. Big Impact.

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Abraham Lincoln knew this. Do you?

Sage advice applicable today.

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Do you consider this stealing?

Maybe you should. Wynn’s Wisdom

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You can’t give…

…What you don’t have. When was the last time you invested in yourself? If you don’t know then today’s challenges for you. Small Nugget. Big Impact.

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Drop the “Y”

Dropping the Y made a big impact for my friend. Will it for you? Be sure to leave a comment. Small Nugget. Big Impact.

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One day does not make a lifetime

…but what you do every day compounds to make a lifetime. Small Nugget. Big Impact.

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Show Up.

Perfection is overrated. When people are expecting you, show up. Small Nugget. Big Impact.

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