3R’s of Summer

the 3R’s of Summer:

Release, Refresh, Reengage

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  Join me in this life changing program on taking control of your teaching while meeting today's overwhelming demands.

Dear Teacher,

You’ve wrapped up another one. Great job. It’s summer and you need a rest. You deserve to rest. But how you rest Harry Emmerson Fosdick Quoteand what you do when you regain your strength are going to have a huge impact on your next school year. That’s why I’m inviting you to join me in this life-changing program to get you set and ready for your best school year ever. 

We’re going to have loads of fun while we’re charting our paths. Of course, with it being summer we’ll always be on casual dress LOL. You can join the fun and learning while in your pajamas or swimsuit or sarong… wee! All you need is a phone and a computer. You can participate from your beach side bungalow or your backyard garden.

What matters is that you give  yourself this opportunity to release the past year, refresh yourself, and reengage with control. Here’s what’s going to happen in the program.

In the 3R’s of Summer you will:

Get rid of the uncertainties, frustrations, feelings of overwhelm… that come every year.

It happens every year. You start strong, renewed, and excited. About 4 weeks in, the newness starts to wear off. Routines are in place and you begin to wonder if what you’re doing is going to work. You begin to tune in to the academic struggles your children brought to the room. You also see some of your students soaring. Right about this time, your school starts talking about new initiatives, new programs, new assessments… You start feeling overwhelmed. Give it another couple of weeks and you’ll be gearing up for parent conferences. The pressure is on now. You have to talk to the parents of your students and you want to talk about their growth as whole beings- the changes you are making in their lives. But you find yourself already talking about assessment scores, groupings, strategies for home support to be sure the child is meeting grade level standards. Frustration is creeping in like black smoke under the doorway to your heart. You become clouded, frustrated, and confused.

Not this year sister! 

Get solid on what you believe is right for children.

As conferences and teaching continue, you find yourself  in a greater state of uncertainty, but this uncertainty is different. Now you’re wondering what’s more important- the academic needs of your students or the emotional needs. You’ve gained tremendous insights having met with your students’ parents. 

Your school continues to talk about assessment and grade level goals. You’re nearing the end of the first reporting period. You have to think about performance. You have to report to your principal and parents how your students are doing. How do you measure what you believe is right for children? What is right for children? What is this teaching thing all about anyway? You feel conflict between what you have to do and what your heart wants to do. You wonder if what you’re doing is right and if so, are you doing it the right way? UGH.

Not this year sister!

Set yourself up for the best year of your teaching journey.

After that first reporting period, you continue. It’s what teachers do- the best they can with what they have, in high pressure situations, with limited time and resources. You keep teaching. You keep loving children. You keep hoping and praying you are making a difference in the lives of your students. You push the confusion down. You ignore your heart. You work long hours to try and satisfy the voice inside that says you may not be doing it right. Then you have to push down that conflict again- uncertainty about your practice stems from not being sure about what you believe education is all about. You’ve entered a vicious cycle of thought that you cope with by ignoring.

Those days are in the past.

Happy Teacher

This year will be different. This year you will know what you believe and you will measure all requirements according to your beliefs. You will teach your students not your curriculum. You will lead your students to success and watch them grow through meaningful assessment. You will get parents on board and lead them with confidence to make changes in their students’ lives. You will have purpose and passion overflowing. You’ll be certain you are doing it right and that what you’re doing is the right thing. This can be your best year.  I know it can be because I traveled your path. I taught the scenario I’ve outlined here until I said ENOUGH! Then I did exactly what I am going to teach you to do in the 3R’s of Summer. After figuring out and implementing these steps my teaching (and life) changed forever. If you’re ready to teach without overwhelm, stress, and frustration sign up now.

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Here’s how it works:

When you register, you’ll receive a copy of the book, How to Be a Great Teacher: Create the Flow of Joy and How to Be a Great Teacher: Create the Flow of Joy and Success in Your ClassroomSuccess in Your Classroom, in the mail. (*Don’t worry if you already have a copy. I’ll explain that down below.)

You’ll receive a link to join our private book-talk group on GoodReads. Our group will open on July 28th.

Each week beginning on July 28th, I’ll email you:

  • directions for the week including which section to read
  • reading guide sheets and
  • questions  to answer and discuss in the group on GoodReads.

Cell phone or land lineOn August 7th and August 21st we’ll meet on the phone and do our 2 live coaching calls. You can call in from any cell phone or land line- no video, so you can be in your pajamas! You’ll get to ask questions, share what’s on your heart, hear my perspectives, and get personalized coaching. If you can’t be on the call live NO WORRIES. I will record both calls and send the recordings to you so you can listen at your convenience and multiple times. You can also send your questions in ahead of time so you can hear my answers to your questions when it is convenient for you.

During this program you will learn to:

  • Change your pillow talk- you know when you lay down at night and say to your spouse, or dog or cat what’s on your heart- we can change that from the worries of teaching to a focus on our blessings 

  • Stop stealing time from your family

  • Look forward to going to school every morning

  • Be in your classroom filled with the confidence that you are “doing it right”

  • See and celebrate true growth in the human beings you teach

  • Transform your daily planning from being something you have to do to something you want to do

  • Plan around the crazy times of year – like October! Never again will that be the month from hell.

  • Have more energy for life after school– heck,  you may even discover there is life after school- I know, a lot of great teachers forget about that.

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the 3R’s of Summer:

Release, Refresh, Reengage

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Your program includes:

  • One copy of How to Be a Great Teacher: Create the Flow of Joy and Success in Your Classroomcc
  • Access to our private book-talk group on GoodReads
  • weekly emails with
    • directions for the week including which section to read
    • reading guide sheets
    • questions to answer and discuss in the GoodReads group
  • 2 Live calls for on-the-spot coaching
  • 2 Recordings – one of each call 
*If you have already ordered a copy of the book simply add the coupon code: 3RsSummer on your order form to receive 15% off the price of the program.*

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